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Book Design and Layout



Whether fiction, non-fiction or poetry, you’ll have invested countless hours into your book by the time you complete that final draft. Its a work of art, and one that deserves to be covered and formatted accordingly. From manuscript to final material, we'll guide you through every step.

   The cover serves as your book’s first impression to potential readers. It’s very important that it conveys the essence of your book in a captivating and alluring way. The interior then carries that design through to the end.

   Anderson Graphics has been designing book covers and interiors for more than 20 years. We have worked with publishers, consultants and self-published authors. Listening to your vision and intent for your book is part of our design process and we will provide you with several cover and interior options until you have a design that you can be proud of.



Making sure that each issue of a continuing publication looks just like the first issue is important. Youve nailed down your cover and interior page design, but now it's important that each subsequent monthly or quarterly issue conveys the same recognizable look. Anderson Graphics provides layout and typesetting of a book interiors for many publishing houses. We flow the provided text into pre-formatted design layouts with precision and expertise, and for as little as $3.00 per page! Contact us today so we can provide you a quote on your next issue.



If you need your publication converted into an ebook, we are here to help. Perfectly formatted electronic files like an .epub or .mobi (Amazon) are essential. A badly formatted file will create an unreadable book. This formatting and conversion process changes in complexity depending on your book: bulleted lists, charts, tables and graphics all need to be accommodated for so that the reading experience is not compromised.